Who am I?

I’m Cassie, Australian born, and married to a frenchman, living in Mallorca, Spain.  Who I really am is a builder’s daughter with a healthy case of ADHD and a large collection of tools.  

Growing up in Australia with a builder dad and a very crafty mum I’ve been fortunate to learn how to renovate, repair, and create using a wide range of skills and techniques.  As a child, my mum would teach me how to sew and craft, and my dad would teach me how to work with wood, repair basic electronics, plumbing, and involve me in his building projects, which in my teens, included a full house build.  I never did get paid for punching all those nails into the floorboards and gap filling…but I did get a varied education which has helped me renovate 3 of my own properties.  Some were minor works and others much bigger jobs.  Like that time I tiled the entire house.

Being a mum to 2 kids, a dog, a beehive, and a large garden to take care of I don’t have much time for bigger projects and find myself more interested in helping others fix broken objects, repair furniture, and upcycle would-be throwaway items.  Anything I can do to extend the lifetime of objects in a bid to be more sustainable.

I also provide advice and support for women who want help with their own renovation projects.  It’s quite empowering to teach women how to use power tools and complete jobs that they may have been traditionally discouraged to do.

Even if I fix a few things to save them from landfill, it's better than nothing.



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